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A short preview of Pilotsbook

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Logbook form to enter the flights and simulator-sessions


This logbook form is simple without to much details

You will enter the most important items of your flight, like:

  • modus - real flight or sim-session
  • flight date
  • departure, arrival - gives you great circle nautical-miles (NM)
  • offblock, onblock - gives you total block time
  • registration (the aircraft type is saved, if registration was used once, so you don't have to choose that all the time)
  • type of flight (private or commercial)
  • flyingtyp (pilot flying or pilot monitoring)
  • cockpit function (SE - single engine, ME - multi engine, TMG - touring motor glider, GL - glider, MP - multi pilot)
  • flightrules (IFR, IFR/VFR, VFR/IFR/VFR, VFR/IFR, VFR)
  • company - if the flight ist commercial, you can enter the company you fly for
  • flightnumber and callsign
  • duty times - start a duty CHECKIN & CHECKOUT
  • pilot function (PIC - pilot in command, SIC - second in command, CO - copilot, DUAL - student in training, SPIC - student pilot in command, INST - instructor)
  • pilot names - you enter them only once. If they are already entered, you just choose them in a dropdown.
  • suntimes - you will get information about the twilight begin, sunrise, sunset and twilight end.
  • number of takeoff and landings - the system recognizes a takeoff or landing in night time automatically
  • operational condition time: NIGHT - the system calculates the night time automatically, calculated by great circle line between departure and arrival and between offblock and onblock times.
  • operational condition time: IFR
  • remarks - printed in the PDF later
  • own remarks - only shown in the logbook on the website for your private information

Logbook of pilotsbook


Here you find all entered flights and simulator-sessions with 30 items per page like on the printed PDF.

Details you can find on each strip:

  • offblock & onblock
  • takeoffs & landings (day / night)
  • flighttime
  • your pilot function & your flying function (pilot flying or pilot monitoring)
  • registration - aircraft type and if that flight was for an company
  • name of PIC or copilot / trainer / student
  • flown nighttime - calculaed by a precise formular

My duties


If you have flown commercial flights and logged them as those and saved the CHECKIN and CHECKOUT times, you will find these duties on that page. See also the included flights of that duty.

Statistics of your flights


This page gives you an overview about your statistics.

You see tables and graphes which are listed per each year.
The table consists of different items:

  • TOTAL (total time)
  • PIC (pilot in command)
  • SIC (second in command)
  • CO (copilot)
  • DUAL (student in training)
  • SPIC (student pilot in command)
  • INST (instructor)
  • SE (single engine)
  • ME (multi engine)
  • MP (multipilot)
  • TMG (touring motor glider)
  • GL (glider)
  • NO (unknown)
  • SIM (simulator)
  • PF (pilot flying)
  • PM (pilot monitoring)


The graph shows the hours & cycles per month in columns.

All aircrafts listed and ordered by aircraft type


On the page of your flown aircrafts, you find a list of all aircrafts types with there registartions.

Each registration shows a summarization:

  • takeoffs & landings
  • total flight times
  • IFR times
  • NIGHT times
  • average flight times (hours to landings)

As a result of the registrations, you have a summarization of flight times and takeoffs & landings

You can create your own aircraft groups


Create your own aircraft groups to get a better overview of some statistics. Just give it a name and add aircraft types to the group.

Details you will get are:

  • flights with this registration
  • total flight time
  • IFR times
  • NIGHT times
  • average times

As well as flight times as:

  • PIC (pilot in command)
  • CO (copilot)
  • PF (pilot flying)
  • PM (pilot monitoring)

All items are listed additionally as an annual summarization.

All airports you visited - map & list


On a Google Map you find markers with all visited airports. With a click on a marker you get more detailed information about this place and when you did your last flight to or from this airport.

In the table below you get list of all these airports. Click on the Google-Maps-Icon at the end of each row to zoom into this airport.

Details and flights from and to an airport


On this page you will find all your flights from and to an airport, as well as the movements of all yet registered flights of others - of course anonymous.

You reach this site by clicking on an ICAO-link of an airport at following pages:

  • /logbook - Logbook of pilotsbook
  • /airports - All airports you visited - map & list


A list of crew members you flew with


Get an overview with whom you flew already.
You can upload avatars to each crew member.

I'm working on more details to show for each crew member.

Logbook as PDF printout


Print out your logbook as PDF.

The print meets EASA-FCL 1.080 requirements. You will find many details in that PDF.

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